If you're a satisfied customer, or just a supporter of Henderson Hyundai Superstore, the highest honor you can pay us is to refer a friend. If you have someone you care about and want that person to get the best deal in Nevada on a Hyundai, send 'em our way. We'll do our best to make your friends our friends. So to thank you more properly for the kind word, we are introducing a brand new referral rewards program!

Henderson Hyundai Superstore will pay you the following for each new Hyundai purchased by the friends you refer each month:

 1st Referral = $100 6th = $600
 2nd = $200 7th = $700
 3rd = $300 8th = $800
 4th = $400 9th = $900
 5th = $500 10th =$1000

The details:
The total amount available for referral rewards each month is $5,500.
The monthly referral period starts over on the first day of each month.

Please fill out the following information on your referral

Friend's Information